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500tips banner6 250 250 Best Love Making PositionsWelcome to Making Love Positions Area! Here you will find all the information on love making positions and much more.

Change in love making positions increases passion and erotism of sexual life and also makes it different allowing to avoid boring routine, which can be fatal and ruin a successful relationship.

But… This is not all!

  • Experimenting with new love making positions allows couples solving anatomic, physiologic and also psychological problems that might arise in the sexual live of two partners.
  • Correctly selected making love positions allow to achieve anatomic compatibility of genitals, prolong sexual intercourse and improve erection.
  • Monotonic and boring love making can harm your relationship very significantly. Therefore sexual games, experiments with positions provide unforgettable experience and stimulate passion of a couple.

So remember – changing of positions has certainly very important benefits, use them to enhance your sexual life, please yourself and your partner.

Enjoy and Pleasant Love Making!

Here we start covering best sex positions together with schematic pictures and explanations how to practice them. In total you will find top 10 best sex positions covered, however before starting to explore them, please just remember that love making is not a technical process when you learn certain techniques and apply them mechanically. Since in any love making there two people present (at least:)) you need to be flexible and provide pleasure not just to yourself, but also to your partner.

Bets sex positions and also a lot of other good positions should serve you as guidance on sexual life perfection, read them and forget them, i.e. do not try to learn them by heart. Feel the pleasure of sex and intimacy, choose the best positions for yourself and your passion will last for long years.

One important question – are there best sex positions? And which position is the best? Yes, there are top love making positions, which are very popular and suitable for many couples, that is why they are called Top Love Making Positions or Best Sex Positions . However each couple should experiment and choose those positions which they would like and experience the greatest pleasure together. In love making anything is appropriate if both partners agree on it.

Top Positions are selected based on that a lot of couples use them and also as they are pleasant and intimate. So explore and enjoy!

Woman On Top Squatting

pic1 Best Love Making PositionsThis one from the best sex positions is attributed to the group Woman On Top. Being on top woman leads sexual intercourse having freedom and being able to control speed and intensity of frictions. Such positions are very suitable for women who are not able to reach orgasm when man is on top, when clitoris stimulation is limited and woman cannot control speed of love making.

In this position:

  • man is lying on his back on the floor or on the bed.

  • woman is on top of him, squatting with hips spread widely apart while penetration occurs.

  • afterwards woman places her hand on the chest of man for a support while she makes frictions.

  • Movements in this position can be from side to side, up and down, rotational. Just experiment with this one from the best sex positions and find the type of movements which will satisfy you.

  • Man in this position is passive, however being able with his free hand to caress her breasts, clitoris and just admire views of her genitals and body.

Need to remember that this position requires significant physical tension from woman, she can get tired quickly, muscles of legs are working very hard in particular if woman makes up and down movements.

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Alternative Missionary Position

pic2 Best Love Making PositionsWho said that missionary position is boring? This one of the best sex positions is an alternative to a traditional missionary position. Man is not just being on top, he is on top and at the same penetrating from back being in the position of face to face to a woman.

In this position:

  • Woman is lying on her back on the floor or on the bed.

  • She raises her straight legs, which are places close to each other.

  • Man stands on his knees with his hips spread apart.

  • He penetrates, places his head between the legs of woman embracing her at her back or keeping her hips.

This position allows keeping penis inside vagina, prevents slipping out and enhances erection. So experiment with this one of the best sex positions and use is as good alternative to the ordinary missionary position.

Cross Position – Man From Back

pic3 Best Love Making PositionsThis one of the best sex positions is attributed to the group of Cross Positions, where the bodies of the partners are being places at a certain angle to each other and remind cross.

In this position:

  • Woman is lying on the floor or on the bed on her side being with her back to the face of man.

  • Man comes from behind, placing one leg of woman on his hip and another between his legs.

  • After penetration woman leans a bit forward moving her buttock towards man.

This one of the best sex positions is for calm, slow and relaxing love making. Partners do not press each other with the weights of their bodies, hands are free for petting.

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